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The · Artist's · Way · 2006

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artistsway08 is up, running and ready for budding writers and artists to form a new Creative Cluster, for your support,inspiration and encouragement. Join now! (:
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Hello. markmc03 and I are starting a community for thos interested in doing the follow up book to The Artists Way. We started it just today, but you can start whenever. Check in Day is Saturdays. Join us if you would like. Its called walkinthisworld 
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Crossposted in artistsway07.

(Hello! How are you all? How's life? I miss you guys!)

Does it count if you do them, then go back to bed, or should one wait until arising properly for the day?
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Curious, contemplative.
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A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! (:

Just thought I'd let you know that I've created a new community, artistsway07, for those of you who wish to continue working on The Artist's Way next year.

Come and join us! (:

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morning pages
I wrote every day. 5 days I really wrote 3 pages, twice I wrote about 1.5 pages and once I only wrote one sentence. I try not to let the morning pages be a stress factor. So if I have the time and the calmness I do them, otherwise I write down the most important or at least check in for the day.

artist's date
I didn't manage an artist's date just for myself, I was too busy, the week was too hectic. I had two moments that were important to me:

• on Thursday evening we did the first show of our project week at school. It was a mad week, only four days to prepare a play with over 60 actors, about 20 dancers and 20 musicians and about 200 kids involved on the whole. It was very stressy and I often hated it, but it was great to see the result, what can be done in such a short time if everybody gives their best.

• yesterday evening I ran my third race, the Silvesterlauf. I loved the feeling of doing something with many people, of moving, being in my hometown that celebrated us with special lightning and decorations.

I'd say the way our flat hunt goes is full of synchronicity. We could have had a house, but we didn't like it. I was very scared to call the manager and tell her I didn't want to accept the offer. She was very friendly and promised us to keep her eyes open for something that really suits us. I feel much happier about it.

other issues

• my husband read my NaNoWriMo novel and he liked it. I was scared to share it with him, nervous. Now I am so glad that he knows it.

• this week's topic of the addiction of fame sounded very true. Sometimes I can't wait to be praised and I live only for it instead of doing things just for themselves.

• I didn't really do this week's tasks. I don't think it was because I didn't have enough time, but because I didn't feel tempted by them.

• It was rather difficult to get back into the Artist's Way after a month long break for me.
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I’ve done morning pages 5 out of the last 12 days. Not only was the thanks giving weekend busy, but I also got sick. So I took a break from the program and restarted it last Tuesday. The days I did my pages were the most natural I’ve experienced… probably ever. I’ve found a morning routine that works well for me and the pages fit into it naturally (but it’s sort of hard to stick to when spending the morning on the bathroom floor ;). The best part of taking the break was how easy it was for me to get back up in the horse. I’ve skipped pages before and the longer I was away from them the longer it took for me to get back in the habit.  This time I thought about skipping them but then something like the angel on my shoulder said oh, what’s the big deal… just write them, and I did and it kicked started my momentum. I will definitely continue to write my pages. I will not feel guilty if I miss a day or two, won’t feel like I have lost all of the ground I’ve covered. I will open my journal and lift my pen and keep my attention on what can be done right here and now.
No formal artist date this week, but something struck me in this weeks essays. Cameron writes that life is intended to be an artist date, and I feel like I’ve begun to live to this idea. These days I’m struck by the beauty all around me and I allow myself to stop and drink it in at every turn. I’ll sit on the front stairs and watch the sunset with a cup of good coffee. I’ll replay a song that moves me to tears two or three times. I’ll randomly start singing while washing dished or sweeping the floor. I understand the importance of taking time to do special things for ones self and do intend to treat myself to things that pique my interest. I also intend to live in the moment and bask in the wonder that presents it self to me on a daily basis.
I continue to notice the universe handing me the help I ask for. The most notable example of this came after a conversation I had with my husband. I currently don’t have a job. I’ve been looking for work, but nothing from the applications I’ve made over the last six months. Over the thanks giving weekend I told my husband about the disappointment and embarrassment this has caused me. We talked about it and we both think that the fact that I’ve heard nothing might have something to do with the fact that the perfect situation was out there waiting to be discovered. I’ve applied for a handful of jobs I would really love and a whole bunch more that I’m sure I would be OK with but wouldn’t love. I know that if I was given an offer I would take it… even if it wasn’t my dream job. Maybe the universe is doing me a favor in keeping me from taking a job that wouldn’t be putting my skills and talents to work. Then, last week, a position became available with an organization I would LOVE to work for doing a job I know I would excel at and would challenge me. SO I’ve applied, it’s only been a few days, and even if I don’t get it I am no longer desperate about never finding a job I like… I will hang in there and I will find it.
In week eleven Cameron suggests artists take up a sport. I believe I’ve found mine. I’ve been practicing yoga and kick boxing in concert. I’ve never before found an exercise routine that I can stick to but everything about this routine suits me and excites me to practice. It challenges my flexibility and I can feel the way its building strength and I can let everything fall away as I focus on keeping good form during every move. I’m very proud of my dedication and enjoy all of the benefits I’m seeing.
I also want to say that I am so happy to of had the support and feed back of this community during my artistic journey. Thank you all for sharing you r progress along the Artist’s way, your insights have helped to open my mind. And thank you for sharing your support and advice. Thank you for helping me to experience the miracle of artists sharing with one another!
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Now that November is over and with it NaNoWriMo, I'd like to finish the Artist's Way. I stopped early in November, during week 10, because I just didn't find enough time for it anymore. I'll start week 10 again tomorrow and will try to get back into the groove. It might not be easy, after an almost 4 week break but I definitely want to try it.
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1) I did seven out of seven morning pages this week.  It’s funny; when I read old journals and diaries I see how I was trying to chronicle my life with an audience in mind.  When I would reread these documents I would get embarrassed.  I never kept a journal with any regularity before the Artist’s Way.  If anything I’m proud of myself when I reread my morning pages.  Not because of what I’ve written, but because I have written and written with abandoned.

2) For my artist date I went to a French bakery.  It was mid morning and I had the place pretty much to myself.  I sat alone at the head of a long table with my back to the window (not much of a view out to the parking lot).  The entire experience was relaxing and decedent and a practice in carving out pockets of personal joy.

3) I’ve been noticing two kinds of synchronicity. 

There are the moments where what unexpected surprises greet me.  For example, thru a bizarre turn of events, I ended up at this trendy club with a bunch of strangers on Friday night.  I knew a friend of mine was at the club next door, but there was no way for me to get in over there.  Then, on my way to the ladies room, I ran into my friend (who couldn’t get into the other club her self) and had a great time from there on out.

There are also times when I feel I play a more active role in what I receive.  It feels like I’m learning how to pray.  How to ask for relief from my worries without looking for a specific outcome.  For example, I was asking for help with some financial problems and the next day received a three hundred dollar check in the mail.  I would have normally asked for a job interview, or a winning lottery ticket.  This time I didn’t focus on what I thought the solutions to my problems should be and just asked for help in dealing with them.  This approach makes me feel empowered and free at the same time.

4) This week I’ve noticed how focused I’ve become.  I used to work on ten projects at once getting nowhere with any of them.  Now I am working on one project and progressing at a rate I never imagined for my self.  I think a lot of this has to do with my commitment to be in the moment and go with flow of things coming into my life.  I’m also not taking anything too seriously any more.  I know that the way I used to work was essential in reaching this point, am happy to be in the head space I am now, and open to where ever I am headed next.

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so i never did a week 6 check-in and here it is the end of week 7 and i've barely given the book any thought at all. i think i need to do week 7 over again and get back with the program. i feel like i didn't do much for week 6 either, actually. again, i've been depressed and it's been hard to do anything at all... but i have new drugs now and so i'm hopeful.

have any of you gone back to do a week over?

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My name is Jessie, I'm a music student in her last semester of a jazz studies/percussion degree and have been looking at doing the artists way thing for awhile but never have. (I have read the book and some of julias' other books as well).
Some fears I have:
graduating and not being able to practice daily like i am.
A question I have:
are julias' books geared towards all artists or mostly writers?
also, how do you guys deal with practice/daily art making if you do an art, like music, that is not necessarily portable?

Looking foward to meeting you and thank you for any advice:)

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